20 Aug 2012
August 20, 2012

BCASW – Code of Ethics

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1. A social worker shall maintain the best interest of the client as the primary

professional obligation.

2. A social worker shall respect the intrinsic worth of the persons served in

professional relationships with them.

3. A social worker shall carry out professional duties and obligations with

integrity and objectivity.

4. A social worker shall have and maintain competence in the provision of

social work services to a client.

5. A social worker shall not exploit the relationship with a client for personal

benefit, gain or gratification.

6. A social worker shall protect the confidentiality of all professionally acquired

information by disclosing such information only when required or allowed

by law to do so or when clients have consented to disclosure.

7. A social worker who engages in another profession, occupation, affiliation

or calling shall not allow these outside interests to affect the social work

relationship with the client, professional judgment, independence and/or


8. A social worker shall not provide social work services or otherwise behave

in a manner that discredits the profession of social work or diminishes the

public’s trust in the profession.

9. A social worker shall promote service, program, and/or agency practices

and policies that are consistent with this Code of Ethics and the Standards

of Practice of the British Columbia College of Social Workers.

10. A social worker shall promote excellence in the profession.

11. A social worker shall advocate change in the best interest of the client and

for the overall benefit of society.

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