Estate Dissolution

Emptying the estate of a loved one can be an emotionally draining experience. As this is a time of grief, it is often difficult for loved ones to even think of dismantling an estate. After the bequests of the will have been earmarked and select possessions given to beneficiaries, there remains the time consuming task of clearing the home of its contents. We provide objective assistance in a very difficult time.

Features of our Estate Dissolution are:

  • We meet with the Executor, family, and/ or trust company and together, develop a plan for the dissolution of the estate while honoring memories and feelings
  • We can assist with the delivery of personal items bequeathed to beneficiaries
  • We will remove and dispose of all food products and perishables, toiletries and other bathroom products, worn /soiled items, broken items and obvious trash
  • We will price and stage all household items for sale
  • We will advertise the Estate sale through various media sources to attract as many buyers as possible
  • If the Executor does not wish to have an estate sale on premise, we will pack up all saleable household items and deliver them to an auction house or donate then to a charity of choice
  • Our goal is to maximize the return on goods sold for the benefit of the estate
  • After the sale we remove the remaining contents and either donate or dispose of them as previously agreed and supervise their removal
  • We can then dispose of remaining items that no one wants and that charities will not take, including any garbage or recycling
  • If requested, we will ensure that the home is professionally prepared for re-sale, both inside and out and even contact a realtor on your behalf.
  • We offer a complete home market consultation outlining all details and scope of what needs to be done to the home to sell it quickly at the best price

We take pride in our comprehensive list of services which address every aspect of the disposition of an estate. The scope of what you want us to do is your choice – we can do as little or as much of the estate dissolution as requested, either as a consultant or as the company designated to do all of the work, Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind and efficient and cost effective services which maximize the financial return to the estate and its beneficiaries.