Organization & De-Cluttering

At times of transition, individuals, couples and families may find that making their new space work can be a bit of a challenge that requires fresh ideas and an organizer’s perspective. Transition Consultants can help those who are downsizing learn to love “small” and live comfortably as you achieve your goals for a more organized and balanced life.

Features of our organizing services include:

  • Development and implementation of systems that enable clients to de-clutter and reorganize
  • Recycling
  • Document shredding
  • Waste removal
  • Food inventory systems
  • Coaching
  • Sorting, categorizing and organizing possessions
  • Setting regular routines
  • Suggesting organizational tools such as storage containers, computer scanning etc.
  • Dealing with the root cause of one’s clutter and coaching through solutions
  • Bring order, function and tranquility into living spaces
  • Free up living spaces so rooms can be used as originally intended