Relocation and Downsizing

Moving is a huge undertaking and it can be stressful, especially when someone is leaving a home that they have built a lifetime of memories in. Change often brings with it mixed emotions and parting with the known is sometimes difficult. We are professionals, equipped with the skills and knowledge to support you through a successful transition.

A partial list of our services includes:

  • Meeting with you to create a comfortable move plan, complete with timelines and goals
  • Managing the downsizing of your home
  • Assisting you to find a new residence
  • Helping you decide what to take and show you how to best utilize your new space
  • Assisting with the task of sorting through possessions and helping you make decisions based on your new floor plan
  • Together we will determine the best way to deal with the items you will not be taking to your new home
  • We will coordinate the dispersal of items to loved ones, and provide other choices for asset disposal such as conducting an estate sale, utilizing an auction house, or donating to charity
  • Once you know what you are taking, we’ll carefully wrap, pack and label all items.
  • We will find the right mover for your needs as well as coordinate the moving process from start to finish
  • We can arrange for storage space if desired
  • We can arrange for the transfer or disconnection of utilities
  • We can provide a full move out cleaning service and/or ready your home for re-sale, as well as provide a list of reputable Realtors
  • We will unpack your belongings and put everything in its place, so you can arrive at your new home, ready to enjoy all that it has to offer, on day one.
  • With a bit of planning, we can coordinate any work that you may want done, such as closet organizers, shelving units or window treatments
  • We are able to respond to special requests – just let us know what you need and we will take it from there.

The choice of services requested is up to you and we only charge you for the services undertaken. We honor our motto – Your Move – Your Way.